Friday, 31 January 2014

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (January 2014) The 10 Years Today Edition

I'll admit it, this was a last minute post. Written at 7pm before I went out last night. Two quick photos taken before we put the kids to bed and I escaped for a meal out with my neighbours.

"Quick, everyone on our bed!" I shouted.


"Because mummy needs a photo".

Then Matt chips in, "Oh I look a mess, my hair looks like Screech from Saved by the Bell! Can we do it another time?"


"I'm not doing it' he says


He knows from my tone what to say.

"Ok then, let's do it" he grumbles but also laughing.

10 years ago today I met up for a first date with a guy I grew to knew on an online dating site. 10 years of happiness, laughter, love and attraction. I love him more today than I have ever loved him - it sounds corny but my love does grow stronger for him with time.

In 10 years we've only had one really bad argument where we've really had a go at each other. I don't think that's bad going?

It's been 10 years but it seems like much longer, in a good way.

In those 10 years we've moved house twice, travelled to some amazing places, married and had two beautiful children.

This weekend I'm going to miss my family like crazy. I am going to London on one of my besties hen weekends. It's bad timing with our anniversary but I'm also feeling very emotional about Matilda Mae's anniversary on Sunday.

But I know that my wonderful friends will take care of me and when I return on Sunday my wonderful family will be waiting for me.

There's not much more a girl could ask for.

dear beautiful


Capture by Lucy said...

Wow - this is a quick snap?! No hint of Screech you all look wonderful! Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the feeling of coming home to such a lovely family unit xxx

Lucy said...

Gorgeous photos Heather. I love the kissing one. And happy anniversary too! We'll have been together ten years in March, and I know exactly what you mean about how it can feel so much longer. You can cram a lot into ten years with someone you love! x

Cariemay said...

Aww they're gorgeous photos - so happy and loving! And many congratulations on 10 years together!

LauraCYMFT said...

Such lovely photos! Have a brilliant time in London!

My Two Mums said...

Adorable photos! Love the second one. Happy anniversary. Hope you manage to have a lovely weekend.

Jocelyn (@ihavecards) said...

Ah. they are such sweet photos! And Happy Anniversary x

Becky Arber said...

I can't see Screech in here at all! Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Have fun!

mummydaddyme said...

Happy anniversary Heather. And these are very cute. I love the kissing one. x

Double Trouble said...

Happy Anniversary, lovely photo's :)

Lauren_W said...

Perfect photos! Matts hair looks fine! lol
Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your friends, but a special squeeze for you too xxxx

nic@nipitinthebud said...

aw what a lovely way to start your Me and Mine year. Your post reminded me of that quote ''the best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother''. Couple time is so rare with kids but I love how bonds are all the stronger for the love we share for our little ones.

would like to be said...

Aaaahhhh that's just gorgeous, love it x


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