Friday, 17 January 2014

Finally Getting My Bionic Eyes!

Ok, so they aren't really going to be bionic but they may as well be.

To me anyway.

As this post goes live I will be sat, knees a knocking, undergoing laser eye surgery.


I'm actually not nervous at all (at the moment), I'm just VERY excited!

Not so excited about how much it's costing but I think it will be well worth the money spent. I'm short-sighted (-4.75 and -5.50) so it's not the cheapest of procedures and I've now upgraded to the wavefront technology for better results. After all, what price do you put on your eyesight?

I've worn glasses from a fairly early age (about 10, I think, although my parents may correct me) and a few years later into my teens wore contact lenses. I've made some pretty bad glasses choices in the past - although, in my defence, I was born in 1974 so in the 80's and 90's it was fairly cool to wear BIG glasses. Honest.

daughter of deirdre barlow
The plastic hoop earrings and tight perm
really perfect the look, right?

How can I be so young but be carrying off looking older than I do now? That photo makes me laugh so much, I'd really perfected the daughter of Deirdre Barlow look.

I actually really like the Missoni glasses I have now and I wear them a lot, although I tend to wear contacts throughout most of the summer. It will be so good to not have to bother with contact lenses again.

Here are just some of the things I'm looking forward to the most:

  • Being able to see at night/as soon as I wake up and not have to reach for my glasses
  • Not having my glasses steam up when I open the oven
  • Not having my glasses steam up when I go inside after being out in the cold
  • Being able to have a drink and not worry about falling asleep wearing my contact lenses
  • Being able to see clearly when Matt and I are *wrestling
  • Not having TC grab or knock my glasses off my face
  • Being able to see when I go swimming etc.
  • Not having the marks on my face where my glasses have been all day
  • Being able to fall asleep on the sofa without my glasses digging in my face

There are many more.

It's not about the cost of this procedure saving me long-term money from glasses and contacts as I don't spend a huge amount anyway. This is about quality of life for me. It's about feeling free and being able to see properly again without help everyday. It's about turning 40 this year and making changes to feel more confident in myself too.

So basically, as you read this blog I'll be having anaesthetic drops in my eyes, a flap made by a laser so they can access my cornea, laser beams in my eyes for a few seconds and then the flap put back. The actual surgery takes about 10-15 minutes and I get to walk out straight into a shopping centre wearing my sun glasses. How simple?

I think I may be asking myself at the end of all this, why did I wait 5 years?

my glasses 2007
More respectable glasses by 2007…
the head gear…not so much

*My sister always used to call it wrestling and I feel a bit odd writing 'having sex' on my blog! 


Looking for Blue Sky said...

My eye issues are very similar to yours, and I was starting to think that laser surgery was a very good idea until I read the description *sigh* ... I can't wait to hear what you thought of it all x

LauraCYMFT said...

Ooo hope the surgery goes well. I think eye sight is something I take for granted because I don't wear glasses. Although, I haven't had an eye test in years. I should really book one! Loving the Deirdre's daughter look!

SAHMlovingit said...

Thank you. All went well and I'm pretty much fully recovered - just have to avoid eye make-up for a week. You're very lucky to have good eye sight, mine was appalling.

SAHMlovingit said...

It sounds worse than it is, trust me. I'll be blogging my whole experience soon xx

Tag A. Bukag said...

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