Saturday, 14 December 2013

Family Frolics - Making Memories For Multiple Mummy

My dear blogger friend, Kerry (aka Multiple Mummy), passed away on this day exactly a year ago.

Such a lot of things have happened in that year.

Some happy and some so terribly sad.

One thing remains the same though and sticks with me, always.

Kerry's love for her family and getting out making memories.

It's her legacy. It's her 'Family Frolics'.

Kerry was only 30 years old. A healthy young woman with a husband an 3 small children. Kerry's passing rocked a community. Kerry and I called each other 'blogging sisters' as we started around about the same time. She was one of the friendliest and genuinely lovely bloggers I've ever met. Her passion for her family and her fellow blogging friends was second to none.

It's such a tragedy that her life was cut short so unexpectedly.

I hate to say we don't get a huge amount of time together as a family of four. We see the inlaws pretty much every other weekend and, up until the other month, Matt was playing football every Saturday. It meant we got 2 days a month together where we could spend a day interrupted.

Because Matt works so hard he'd want to spend those 2 days crashing out pretty much. He didn't want to be dashing out all the time and I didn't want to push him too much.

This year has been somewhat different.

Kerry's passing and then the sudden death of Matilda Mae earlier this year have changed me.

It's a change for the better.

Ultimately it was Kerry's comment on my blog that made us book to go back to Orlando this year. It has been Kerry's passing that has pushed me on with my blog. What better way than to leave a diary online for friends, family and, ultimately, your children when they are old enough to read.

Your life, your heart, your memories to be read and remembered for years to come.

I know I don't blog about things as much as I should do right now but we are creating memories and enjoying our time together and that, above all, is what matters.

So this year we've made more time for family frolics. There are too many to mention but…we enjoyed lots of snow, we went away on holiday. We dabbled in some messy play. We moved to a bigger house. We enjoyed the long hot summer. We had picnics out. We went to the cinema. We explored the local area. We went further afield.

But most importantly we made memories.

When we do anything as a family now I cherish the moments so much more. I take more photographs of us a family of 4 than I've ever taken before. I know that making time for family is important.

These are just a small handful for my blogging sister…

In memory of Kerry Farrow (aka Multiple Mummy)
16th April 1982 - 14th December 2012


Monika said...

Such happy times captured in those photos! Family time is so valuable and it's so easy to say we'll do it tomorrow, next week, but really there's no better time to create those experiences like today, now.

Lucy said...

It's been the same for me since losing Kerry, it's made me so determined to record our lives. There is comfort for me in knowing that my children could know me through my blog. And she was a big inspiration behind Me and Mine, last Christmas when her loss was still so new and raw I was so cross with myself that we had so few family photos with us all in. It's lovely to see so many photos of you guys as a four from this year, it seems she inspired you in the same way and what an amazing legacy to leave. x

NewMumOnline said...

Fabulous photos and a fabulous legacy. Beautiful post x

pinkoddy said...

I love how Kerry has inspired and motivated you so much - sounds like you had a great relationship. She really was a truly beautiful lady inside and out, and I am pleased to have had her touch my life. Your photos are just as Kerry would have had hers - so full of fun. I particularly like the one going down the slide!

TheBoyandMe said...

This is beautiful, so wonderful that Kerry has inspired you to spend more time together, as she did me as well. I think her message of family frolics is one we all need to remember too.

Thanks for writing this post to remember Kerry, apologies for the
mammoth delay in commenting but life raced along at a ridiculous pace!


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