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Back To School With F&F At Tesco

I don't do a huge amount of reviews on my blog, but those I do tend to benefit the kids or the house more than me. In actual fact, I can't remember the last time I had something that was just for me - if at all.

So, imagine how excited I am to be able to review something for little old me?

Okay, okay, so the thing for me was more of a treat for reviewing school uniforms from F&F (available exclusively at Tesco) but, so what?

I was able to spend £50 on school uniform and choose a 'school run' outfit for me for £50 too. Whoop!

So much excitement when the
uniform delivery arrived
I was excited for Mini Cheddar and I was excited for me! MC was beside herself...

MC starts reception class 4th September. She's been going to the nursery class at the school since last September and although they aren't required to wear uniform in nursery they all did. It was only 2.5 hours each morning so we didn't require much in the way of uniform but this year will be different. 5 days a week - 8.30am to 3.10pm. Eek.

'Big school' has been great for MC, she's been one of the top in her nursery class all year and, even though I'll miss her terribly each day, I'm excited for what the forthcoming years hold for her.

I'd been looking around at uniforms for a couple of weeks - pretty much as soon as the school holidays started - and the F&F range at Tesco looked like superb value for money.

I was right.

As soon as the items arrived I knew I'd made a great choice and I couldn't believe how much I managed to buy. In fact, I was struggling to spend the £50. I should have known when I saw the words 'Complete school uniforms from £10' on the website. Ordering online was really easy and the size charts were helpful too. MC will be 5 in March so I ordered everything aged 5-6 (apart from one pinafore and a pair of joggers) and they fit great with plenty of room to grow too. The plain white P.E. t-shirts are a tiny bit large but I think that's a good thing for P.E. as they don't want them too tight.

So here's what £50 (well, £51* actually) bought MC:

1 kilt school skirt (£4)
1 v-neck knitted school cardigan (£3)
1 ribbed waistband school joggers (£3)
2 belted flared school skirts (£5 each)
2 jersey school pinafores (£6 each)
2 pack of pique polo shirts (£2)
2 pack of school t-shirts (£2)
2 pack of cycling shorts (£3)
3 pack of super soft tights (£4)
5 pairs of pelerine knee high socks (£4)
5 pairs of trainer socks (£4)

Pretty impressive, right?

Struggling to hold the uniform haul
Well, yes.

I am impressed not only by the price but also the quality for the price. Obviously the uniform is yet to be tested by a 4 year olds full days at school but it certainly looks like it will put up a good fight so it will be really interesting to see how long everything lasts. I have heard pretty good things about the F&F uniforms though so I'm hopeful.

It's a dress so it got a big smile!
MC was really happy. She absolutely loved the pinafores but then she's obsessed with dresses!

I know she's wearing the pinafore without a polo shirt or jumper in the photo but I don't want to advertise her school colours on my blog (just my personal choice to protect her a little).

I would include a photo of her in her P.E. kit (plain colours) but she refused to be photographed in it. I'm sure she's 4 going on 14 sometimes!

Adjustable waistbands
I loved the skirts too. Not only are they super soft material and hang lovely, they have adjustable waistbands. Last year I bought MC a couple of school skirts from another well known supermarket and they didn't have adjustable waists to these really gets the thumbs up.

The only thing I was a little disappointed with was MC's school colours couldn't be found in certain places such as sock trims and dresses. It looks like I may have to rely on somewhere else to source these which is a shame.

But, the uniforms get the thumbs up from me and, more importantly, the thumbs up from MC!

I can't believe in a couple of weeks my baby girl is going to be in full time school. I also can't believe I'll have to face the school run at the two busiest times of the day.


Good job that Tesco Clothing wanted me to choose a new school run outfit then, eh?

I've been making a conscious effort over the Summer to steer myself away from wearing jeans and t-shirts. I've even been sporting a few dresses - go me - so I thought I may treat myself to a dress or tunic for the school run. F&F had a huge range and I was spoilt for choice. After almost picking a red dress I saw a navy and cream lacy tunic that I fell in love with and the reviews looked fab. I teamed it up with a pair of blue leggings, some silver ballet pumps and also managed to get myself a lovely cardigan and a sequin scarf all for under £50.

Not many places you could get a full outfit, including shoes for under £50, especially one that looks this good.

Here's the exact run down on what I bought (total price £49*) with prices:

Two tone lace tunic (£20)
Plain leggings (£6)
Edge to edge ribbed cardigan (£12)
Sequin scarf (£4)
Metallic ballet pumps (£7)

Nothing but love for the tunic
The tunic is so lovely. I can wear it with jeans if I want to dress it down a bit or can even put it with a pair of heels for a night out but it will look so smart on the school run. It really is as lovely and as flattering as all the reviews say it is. I ordered a size 12 but I think I'm going to take it back and exchange it for a 10 as I think it will look even better a little more fitted.

The ballet pumps have already had plenty of use and the cardigan has on a couple of chilly evenings. I'm sure it won't be long and the scarf will be well used too.

Again, I'm impressed with the quality and value of the outfit. It looks like it cost a lot more than £49, that's for sure.

I know you're probably wishing I posted a photo of myself modelling the clothes but it's really not me and besides, my hair needs doing and it will just ruin the outfit. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Delivery with Tesco Clothing online is free if you spend £50 or more which is great and it gets delivered in 2-5 working days. We ordered our items Tuesday and they arrived Friday morning. If you prefer you can have everything delivered to store for free and go and collect. You can also return items bought online to store which is really handy so I'll be taking my tunic back to exchange it for a different size.

We were sent 4 x £25 voucher codes to spend online
but all photographs (apart from Back To School logo), 
words, views and opinions are entirely my own.

*prices correct at time of writing

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Looking for Blue Sky said...

Here in Ireland most school uniforms have to be bought in designated shops for premium prices unfortunately, but half my wardrobe seems to be F&F at this stage - it's just too easy to throw items in the trolley when I'm shopping!


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