Thursday, 16 August 2012

Teething Trouble

You know I blogged the other night about TC and his sleep? Well, seems I should have kept my mouth firmly shut again.

It's at times like this I wish babies were born with a full set of teeth.

I think after 2 or 3 years I had managed to block out the full horror of teething.

The whinging. The crying. The screaming.

Blocked it out like a bad dream. Or a nightmare. But no, it wasn't a nightmare. It was a reality.

And it's back!

Yes, my lovely little happy chappy is starting to cut his first tooth. He's only just (a month or so ago) managed to cope with his new digestive system and that pesky menace known as wind. Now he has another demon to cope with. Bloody teeth.

He's still happy enough but then occasionally the pain will come and he looks at me and screams in horror. Tired and hungry cries I can cope with but the cry of pain cuts right through me. All I can do is be there for him with cuddles, teethers, powders and Anbesol liquid. I know it's only going to get a lot worse.

TC chewing on Sophie La Girafe
Have some of that Sophie, you squeaky bitch!
Thankfully it's not making him cry at night but it is disturbing his peaceful sleep patterns a little so he will fidget and wake us up.  But I know it won't be long. Won't be long before his sleep will become more unsettled until that first little white invader pokes its head through his gum.

Of course, the first major disturbance of his sleep happened the night I blogged about what a great sleeper he was. Then I had to go and face a Baby Sensory class the next morning bleary-eyed. What did TC do half way through the class? He fell asleep, naturally.

Anyway, Sophie La Girafe is taking a bit of a hammering. The squeak is driving me a little nuts. I was kind of hoping he'd chew it that much that the squeak would dislodge within a matter of minutes - that's what used to happen when our old dog Betty got her gnashers on a new squeaky toy.

He's exclusively breastfed still and a few days ago he bit me. Not once, not twice, but 3 times. Yes 3!

It hurt.

A lot.

I screamed.

He screamed.

He hasn't done it since. Now when he gets a pain when he's feeding he turns his head and bites my arm. Needless to say my arm has become a massive source of comfort for him.

At least my arm doesn't squeak.

Every cloud...


Alice Harold said...

Hux has made me wince by chomping down on my nipple... And he doesn't even have any teeth yet! Ouch!!!

LauraCYMFT said...

Oh dear poor TC and poor you, although a sore arm is much better than a sore boob!

Christina E said...

Ouch :/ I don't like the sound of teeth on nipples!!! Babyzoid had already spurned the breast by that stage so I didn't get to experience that delight, but you have my sympathy.

To be honest I don't remember too much about the teething. I don't think she was too bad - or maybe I've just forgotten too. Hope it gets better for you both! xx

Mummyandthebeastie said...

Ouch to the biting! I haven't had that yet but what does make me scream is his pinches on my arms with his fingers and on my boobs. He squeezes them when feeding sometimes as a comfort thing. It's like when I had cats, they used to what we called 'pummudge' my lap with their paws! Baby Beastie is the same it's not disrupting him at night but some days he's on and off being grizzly. Sophie isn't driving me nuts yet, it's not so much the squeak it's the manic rubber rubbing sound against his gums! xx

Motherhood or Madness said...

Thankfully we are now at the end of the teething traumas with my 2nd but in all honesty and I would put this in my TOP 3 baby must haves and its an amber teething necklace. My boy was so bad with teething at one point that if someone had said put pink eyeshadow on him, I would have tried it, he was not sleeping, his wee bum was sore, he would not be bathed, he was not feeding, he was hot, his cheeks were bright red, I was giving all the medicine I could and i didnt like that, then a friend said about the necklaces, bought one that night, arrived two days later, put it on him that morning, by bed time, he had fed, his bum was less red, his cheeks too, he had a bath, all cosy, had a huge feed and SLEPT!! and no medicine was needed the next day, in fact very little was needed again. It was amazing, so quick. My my youngest started showing signs of teeting at 3 months, I put her necklace on and she still has it on now and we have hardly had any bother at all x


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