Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Mini Cheddar A Day Keeps The Bad Feelings Away

I talked not so long ago about how I feel time slipping away from me and how I've had some times where I've felt everything getting on top of me*

Even on the most rubbish of days, Mini Cheddar has this unique ability to make me smile and laugh (apart from when she's possessed that is).

I haven't done one of these posts for probably over 6 months. I feel bad about that as I know I will have missed out lots of gems that have come from Mini Cheddar's mouth but here are the ones I can recall...

MC: "Mummy, where did you go?"
Me: "I went next door to see Sandra"
MC: "SANTA? But Santa doesn't live next door. He lives in the North Pole!"

MC: Daddy?
Daddy: Yes darling?
MC: When you go to work will you see Darth?
Daddy: Who? What?
MC: Darth! Darth Vader?
Daddy: No, why would I see Darth Vader?
MC: But Mummy said you were going to Darth to work
Daddy: DARTFORD sweetie, I'm going to D-A-R-T-F-O-R-D

(whilst waiting in line to meet Winnie The Pooh on holiday at EPCOT in Florida)
Cast Member: I'm sorry but Pooh is just going to take a 2 minute break but you're next to meet him.
MC: Has he gone for a poo?

(whilst bathing TC she points at his willy)
MC: Mummy! His willy looks like an elephants trunk!

(whilst in a public toilet with my Mum)
MC: My baby brother has a willy
Grandma: Really?
MC: Yes, he has a small willy and Daddy has a BIG willy!

(whilst on the sofa with my husband)
MC: Daddy, I'm going to have to get back is killing me.

(in a cafe)
Waitress: Can I take your order?
MC: Yes please, I'll have a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk
Waitress: Large or small milk?
MC: Small please
(waitress turns to me)
MC: My mummy has milk in her boobies!

(whilst looking at a photo of a man in a kilt, MC points at his sporran)
MC: Look mummy! He's got a pet hamster!

MC: Mummy? I want to get married
Me: I think you're a little bit young sweetie
MC: No I'm not! I'm 3!
Me: Well who would you like to marry?
MC: Daddy

*That was all brought into perspective last week by the news that a lovely blogger friend Kerry is seriously ill in a coma. There hasn't been a day since I found out that I've not spent a lot of time thinking about her and hoping she pulls through. I was lucky enough to become very friendly with her in our blogging early days and then had the pleasure of spending some time with her at Cybermummy last year. She's such a wonderful person. I'm not a religious person but even I've said a prayer or two for her recovery.


LauraCYMFT said...

Hahahah! The one in the toilet with her Grandma made me LOL. They do say the funniest things don't they?! The news about Kerry has really put a lot into perspective hasn't it? The little things don't seem that important now. Keeping her in my thoughts here too.

PhotoPuddle said...

I bet the chat in the toilet with Grandma made your hubby pleased. And my little girl said something or other was killing her the other day. Sounded so odd coming out of her mouth.
Am thinking of Kerry. You're right it does put all our own troubles into perspective.

Mañana Mama said...

Bless her - a wit and a wordsmith already :)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I bet you were so glad the wiatress got to hear about the milk in your boobies!

I'm praying for Kerry too.  Mich x

Abbey said...

Ahahahahahahaha! Oh each one is more gorgeous than the one before! How funny! What a Darling :)

Mari said...

I think Kerry has made us all hug our family a little closer and think about what's important in life. I'm looking for news of her every day and praying like you, let's hope our prayers work.
Adore MC, she's so spontaneous and so funny and you're right to write them down I bet as a teen she'll argue she didn't say them ;)
hugs to you xx

innocentcharmer said...

A fantastic post. I can't wait till Addy gets to this age. It's fab hearing the things that go through a child's beautiful mind. This has really made me smile.

I have to agree Kerry has never left my thoughts. What's happened has made us all look at how incredible our everyday's are x

Candi said...

I love reading these, not many to offer from this family anymore, so enjoy them while they last :D

Honest Mum said...

Touching post and thinking of Kerry too-never met her but connected on twitter etc-wishing her a speedy recovery. P.S Oliver is always comparing his parts to Daddy's-very sweet (if it's not in public) x

Notmyyearoff said...

Hahah that so funny, she sounds brilliant and like she picks things up very quickly, smart little girl.  I can just picture Grandma blushing :)

SAHMlovingit said...

Glad it made you smile lovely...won't be long and Addison will be there and I'll be reading her little gems on your blog x

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