Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Temporary Goodbye

The house sitter has the keys. I've notified the neighbours someone else will be here. I've cleaned the house from top to bottom. I've packed my beached whale maternity swimming costume. Got my sun glasses.

I'm ready. Ready for tomorrow morning...

3 weeks in Florida here I come!

Despite initial reservations about this holiday I'm now really looking forward to it. I've been ill on and off now for over 6 weeks with this awful cough/cold thing (and over Christmas I was really poorly) so life hasn't been rosy. I'm hoping the sunshine will cheer me up and get rid of all the bugs. Also, it will just be lovely to spend some quality time with Matt and MC before the new baby arrives end of March/beginning of April.

So, what's in store for my blog over the next 3 weeks?

Well, I'm leaving my blog in the very capable hands of some great friends and fellow bloggers to entertain you whilst I'm away. I'm truly honoured that each and every one of these marvellous people has written something amazing for my blog.

They will be appearing as follows:

Mari's World
Inside The Wendy House
Alyson's Blog
Doing It All For Aleyna
Looking For Blue Sky
Mummy From The Heart
Chronicles Of A Reluctant Housedad

But do not fear, dear readers, there are also a couple of pre-written blog posts from my good self - don't want you forgetting who I am now do I?

I should have wireless over in the states so I'll be dipping in and out of your blogs, Twitter and Facebook if I have the time (need to keep an eye on you all!) - depends if Mickey and Minnie Mouse will let me!

Take care of yourselves and enjoy the fabulous posts from my guest posters whilst I'm away.


Workinglondonmummy said...

oooh have fun! hope all well with Bump! I am 33 weeks now - definitely a beached whale...

PhotoPuddle said...

Woohoo!!! Have a really fabulous time - you deserve it!!

Lady Estrogen said...

Ooohh... have fun!! Too bad it wasn't "a little" closer to my place. lol

Bod for tea said...

Have a wonderful time Mrs!

Actually Mummy said...

I nearly stopped reading when I read Florida. Insane with jealousy! However your list of blogsitters is perfect so I'll let you off and carry on saving my pennies ;)

Looking for blue sky said...

Enjoy :)

Maeve Bradbury said...

Florida, schmorida. Oxfordshire, England - now THAT's where it's at.
Enjoy your break!


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