Friday, 31 October 2014

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (October 2014)

What a month it's been!

I turned 40 on October 12th and I have loved it.

I've embraced being a decade older as my 30's have been so much better than my 20's ever were. I am now married to the most wonderful man and we have two amazing children. I'm blessed with amazing family and friends - some I've known almost all my life now who I love dearly and some who I've met through work before children and some I even met online in the last few years. We now live in our dream house in the best neighbourhood ever and I've made some really close friends from my neighbours - people I can always rely on.

Not only that but this year I did something completely out of my comfort zone. Something I never ever thought I would do and I have the photographs to prove it.  I even took the big decision to blog about the photo shoot. It was incredible and I still feel amazing when I think about it.

My actual 40th birthday fell on a Sunday and so it was a fairly laid back day where we invited family and my best friend of 33 years out for a special lunch. I was spoilt rotten with amazing cards and gifts and I felt so blessed.

Then, for the 'mad' half of my 40th birthday we held an 80's themed party at the house for close friends and neighbours. It was an amazing night and I really can't wait to blog all about I've just about got over my hangover!

Matt and I are still closer than we have ever been and he's also now sporting a stubbly beard look which I think really suits him.

After the chaos of my birthday we were looking forward to some family time last weekend. We spent a lovely Sunday morning at a local country park where we walked, talked, played, kisses, played Pooh sticks, jumped in muddy puddles, collected leaves and basically just enjoyed the outdoors. We followed it with a lovely Sunday lunch at a nearby pub.

It was perfect.

I thought it would be nice to set my 'big' camera up on a rock whilst we were out and take a self-timer photo of us all.

TC wasn't for coming out of the mud to pose for a photo and so we captured this…

When I looked at the photo on the back of the camera I laughed so much that I knew I didn't need to capture another one. 

TC is two and half now and I think it sums up his ever growing defiance perfectly!

And here are some of the photos I captured on my iPhone that day - it was a fairly inexpensive day but it is one that I will remember for a long time.

dear beautiful


Jane Roberts said...

Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had lots of fun celebrating. Love your photos, it really sounds like a lovely day together. Love your family photo #MeandMine

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Best family portrait ever! It makes me grin every time I see it. So glad you're enjoying your 40s, they can be wonderful alright xx

Louise George said...

That's a great group photo - made me chuckle. Really does sum up family life with little ones! Happy belated 40th birthday - love your positive approach to hitting your 40s. Your photos in this post are just gorgeous - looks like you had a fun day out :-)

Caro Davies said...

Aaah these are great pics — the pink and red is SO vivid against that autumnal backdrop — I love the one of your littles walking through the woods! LIke Hansel and Gretel!

I turned 40 last year... just before I had the Twinkles! I think it's going to be a brilliant decade — I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin than I did in years gone by! It makes me a more patient mama too — I'm a lot more laid back than I was in my 20s and 30s!

Here's to us children of the 70s! ;) X

LauraCYMFT said...

These are lovely photos. I love TC's face in the group shot. That is definitely 2 and a half at its best!

Cariemay said...

Oh that made me giggle - a perfect Me and Mine shot! And a belated Happy Birthday, it sounds like you celebrated in style!


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