Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday Bedlam

You know one of those days when everything is fairly calm and serene? No surprises? A little bit dull really, if you're honest.

Then something happens to turn your day around?

That was us a few days ago. Honestly, it was like a scene from a Carry On film.

On Monday we were enjoying the long Bank Holiday weekend. We'd been out and about a bit and after a day of rain on the Sunday the weather was warm and sunny. Life was good.

I'd already planned to cook a roast chicken for dinner. Matt was in charge of the kids in the front room after I'd fed Tiny Ched and left him to be winded by his daddy.

I had returned to the kitchen to turn the roast potatoes over. Above the noise of the oven being open and the spitting of fat I became vaguely aware of shrieks and hollers from the lounge. As I returned I was met by Matt and TC in the hall both covered in breast milk.

"He's been sick" Matt said looking slightly suspicious like I'd given TC a good shake before I'd passed him over to be winded.

No shit Sherlock!

Just then TC unleashed a second wave of chunder which drenched Matt and his slippers and made a spectacular splash on the laminate floor in the hall.

Just then Mini Cheddar appeared, who, I have to say, has THE worst gag reflex EVER!

She laid eyes on the vomit and immediately puked on the lounge carpet just inches from the 'wipe clean' laminate of the hall.

Yup, it was like Carry On Puking!

Then, freaked out and ashamed at the fact she'd also chundered, MC decides to make a run through to the kitchen to escape the carnage.

She slips on said puke.

She falls and smacks her head on the laminate.

Cue screams and tears.

Incidentally MC and TC both cried too.

Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams


Maria @ Feisty Tapas said...

This just had me in stitches. I really needed a laugh today, thank you! It sounds like exactly the kind of thing that happens in this household and I only have the one kid (plus the big one, you know, the husband) so I can't imagine what it's like with 2 small kids!

Gherkiny said...


LauraCYMFT said...

Oh no! Aww bless you all. I remember the projectile vomiting only too well and am glad to say we are now passed the stage of random pucking, especially on carpets. I hope it was just a one off and not a bug. I hope MCs head is better too.

Working London Mummy said...

oooh dear! can see that happening over here! love the pic Heather they look gorgeous

KARA said...

Oh god that sounds like a nightmare. Poor you as I bet you had to clean it all up. Glad you can see the funny side of it xxx

Motherwifeme said...

Gosh, hope you're all better now. I am allergic to the smell of vomit, even through severe morning sickness I managed to only puke a few times, in fact I am feeling queasy just reading this, but I can't let myself puke!!!

bod for tea said...

Oh no!! I don't seem to have that gag reflex... hopefully DD doesn't have it either!

HELEN said...

oh dear! I'm sorry to say I did have a little chuckle there...and so glad I wasn't there as I would've been joining them! I could just see you giving TC a good shake like a bottle of pop before handing him over! x

Beadzoid said...

Bwah ha ha!  And you escaped being covered in the copious amounts of vomit that were free-flowing? High five!  Next time you need your camera at the ready ;) xX

HelpfulMum said...

Carry on puking is definitely not one I'd like to see! We have had a sicky bug in our house and I have never been so glad of laminate flooring!

Blue Sky said...

Oh dear, I would have been the one in tears - I hate accidents involving heads!  Hope MC and TC are well over it now xx

chang long said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Oh dear God.  Not the vomit chain!  If that was the highlight of your weekend, there's something wrong!

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