Saturday, 31 May 2014

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (May 2014)

This month has been a little hectic for various reasons but it's been a good one.

I can now share some news!

The month started off with lots of exciting holiday planning. A break away over half term (which ends today) and a third trip to Orlando, Florida! It's not until next year and we aren't going for 3 weeks this time.

No, this time we are going for a whole month!

To say I'm excited is an understatement.

For the first week of our holiday we will be staying on-site at Disney for the first time. Not only that, we will be joined by my parents, Matt's parents and my brother-in-law for that week too. Then we will be retreating to the condo, just the four of us, for the remaining three weeks.

Those of you who know me know just how much Matt and I have fallen in love with Orlando. If it wasn't for my family I'd happily move out there. We both would. We often talk about it.

The last two trips have been booked within 4 months of departure so this is quite a long wait for us but it means we have plenty of time to plan it all properly and I'm already very excited about our plans.

Anyway, back to this years break away! Oops. *shakes off the desire to waffle on about Orlando love*

We have just spent the half term week down in East Sussex. Camber to be exact. We booked a lovely cottage just a 5 minute walk from the beach. We've been really lucky with the weather as it's only rained one afternoon and that didn't spoil our fun.

We've been to the beach a couple of days enjoying some periods of sunshine. We've explored pretty towns and villages. We've been to Drusilla's Park which was great fun. We've also explored some great historic sites. One of my new favourites in fact.

Bodiam Castle.

It's a 14th century moated castle, now owned by The National Trust.

It is, quite simply, stunning.

Just look at these photos of the castle.

If you ever get the chance to visit. Go!

This is where I finally asked someone to take our photo yesterday.

It's not a perfect picture as TC had just fallen over and hurt his knee (at the exact moment I handed the camera to the lovely gentleman who was to take our photo). I then had to pick him up. TC that is, not the gentleman! So I'm very much striking that 'hip stuck out propping a child up' pose. TC had a really bad tummy bug at the start of the holiday which hasn't helped and he's not been himself all week. Plus, I got a touch of it too.

Also, Matt is full of a cold and neither of us had a great nights sleep the night before. Actually, if I'm honest, I'm looking forward to getting home to our lovely super-king bed at our own house. This week we've been in a double so it's been a little snug. We've also been woken by mating marsh frogs in the night and disturbed by noisy sheep at our front door at 6.30am!

Still, it's been a lovely break and despite illness (and wildlife) we've had plenty of fun and special memories.

As you read this we will be packing up to leave our holiday cottage but stopping at the Baby Tilda Barn Dance on the way back home. The perfect way to end a great week away. If you're coming along, we will look forward to seeing you there.

For those of you who remember my Me and Mine post last month. I quote myself…

"My homework for May is to try and get at least three photos" 

Well, before you say anything. I did! I did!

They are iPhone selfies. The first when we just arrived at the cottage after a mammoth 7 hours in the car and the second riding Thomas The Tank Engine at the fabulous Drusilla's Park the other day.

Now head over to Dear Beautiful to check out all the other fabulous family portraits this month.

dear beautiful


PhotoPuddle said...

Great pictures. You are very good at the family selfie. And you've also made me put Bodiam Castle on this Summer's to visit list as it's been years since we've been.

Lucy said...

Well done on your homework Mrs. Gold star for you! Loving all the photos of you ll. And I am so jealous that you're going to Orlando again, room in your suitcase for a little one, I'm no trouble...? x

Cariemay said...

Wow, a whole month in Orlando - just think about all that sunshine!! All three of your pictures this month are lovely, so very filled with joy!

Becky Arber said...

A month?! To say I'm jealous would be an understatement! Lovely family photos too :)

LauraCYMFT said...

Loving all the photos! We go to Orlando next year too. Not for a month sadly, just 2 weeks but I can't wait. Where are you staying at Disney?? We've booked Art of Animation as it looks like a really fun hotel. Exciting stuff, something to look forward to.

would like to be said...

Wow a whole month away, I'm jealous. Loving your photos this month x

mummydaddyme said...

The thing that makes me smile the most about your photos Heather is that you are always so happy and smiley in them, such a cute family. I can't believe you are going away for a month. Not jealous at all. Not at all. x

Double Trouble said...

We have just got back from Orlando last month, I'm so jelous your going for a whole month. Love Orlando. Love your family photo :)

Heather Lucas said...

Beautiful photos. So sorry its taken me so long to try and comment again. So glad you had a wonderful week- miss you all so much!
x x


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